Thursday, January 8, 2009

my first drama class

Greek theatre...Roman Theatre... Medieval Theatre..Restoration drama...18th-19th century drama... 2oth century drama.. tragedy... comedy... tragicomedy... farce... Aristitle.. and Brecht... all these words are playing around my head, like the ferry wheel goes round and round. This is the second week for my lecture life in UPM for this semester. Today is the first class of EDU3217, Teaching the Language of Drama. At first, I thought everything will be the same like what i have learnt last semester, Teaching the Language of short story. i thought what i will be learning and doing for this course will be almost the same, but it did turn out almost the same but not exactly the same.

The first lesson with Dr. Edwin is kind of a shock and at the same time an interesting one. He actually taught us about the overview of the history of theatre. History? Theatre? What did I know before the lesson? ........... Nothing......... And now? ....not so sure...I realise that I am still lost somewhere in the middle of a jungle, searching for a way out to the main road although I have attended the class. I have never been to a REAL theatre before and was never been exposed to the history of theatre, therefore, this class make me stunned and confused. I kept thinking to myself, "Dr. Edwin can you please slow down a little?". I had a hard time making sure that I am still in that class. I was lucky that Yvonne was sitting beside me so I managed to copy things that I have missed out. Although things seem in a mess at that time of the class, I believe I will be able to cope with it in my next lesson with him. I am looking forward to learn more new things in the next lesson with Dr. Edwin again. let’s talk about the assignment part. Last semester, we were assigned to post forum and guess what, this semester, we are to make and write blogs! Isn't it interesting? Isn't amazing? It is so cool. I have never known that I will own a blog spot too. besides, we are to do micro teaching and written assignment exactly like what we did last semester so that is not really something new except that we will be getting a Chinese tutor. :-) I am looking forward to meet this tutor and I hope the lessons with him will be fun.
I really hope I will learn and gain a lot from this course. the most important thing is that I want to make sure that I enjoy this course, teaching the language of drama till the end of this semester, bringing with me great memories and experience and not forgetting, new knowledge that I can bring to my teaching life in the coming years.


  1. well, it is really interesting and lots of fun during the class with the chinese tutor..don't you think so?=)

  2. aloha~ guess most of us are still lost in the history of theatres. yeah, it's saddening to know that hardly anyone of us ever been to a real threater. may the Puteri Gunung Ledang threatre brings us great memory. We might get the golden opportunity to watch real English international threatre. guess whr? LONDON of cuz! haha..Shakespeare Globe Theatre! (promoting London trip again) lolx..all the best in this semester girl! Cheers!

  3. okie..thanks lucy yiing! your comfort is of great help. hehehe..true! i am also looking forward to watching 'puteri gunung ledang'. i heard we got the very back seats. i really hope we can see and enjoy the theathre.

    yup!! Shakespeare globe theatre!! we all definitely be there!!! if thers is a will, there is a way!! =) all the best to you too! =)

  4. hi girls....
    i just want to remind all of you dont forget to bring your glasses and lenses because if your dont, you wont see anything on the stage hehehe...

    btw, i also stucked in this history of theatre... i never thought it is a complicated story.. well, maybe because i just simply hate history hehe...

    well, see you guys later... i really hope our RM24 for the PGL ticket is really worth to all of us.