Sunday, March 29, 2009

"The Streetcar Named desire"?????

I spent my last weekend's nights reading "The Streetcar Named Desire"by Tennessee Williams. Well... I can say that the play is quite easy to understand. The language is more straight forwards and more to our daily everday language. The book seems thin, but the content is actually quite long.

I realise that the beginning and the middle of the play is quite easy to catch. but, towards the end, i start to feel confused. What actually happen to Blanche at the end? Is she caught and send into a mental hospital? And what actually happen between Stanley and Blanche when Stella is in the hospital delivering the baby?

What I understood from the play is that at the end of the play, Stanley rapes Blanche and Blanche is called as a mad woman and Stella actually believes that she is mad.

I actually think that this play brings some irony. Why? one of it it goes... At the beginning of the play, Stella and Blanche actually trust each other. No matter what Stanley says about Blanche, Stella never believe. Stella only believes Blanche words, but, it is an irony that Stella at the end choose to believe Stanley, rather than Blanche. What actually makes her act this way? Is it because she believes Stanley more than Blanche? Or it is because of the baby?

Next, I really agree with the proverb, "Do not judge a book by its cover". Why? throughout the play, Stanley protrays his dislike toward Blanche and how he despises her lies and actions. But, in the end, it shows that he actually has aome feelings towards Blanche that he would actually rape her. Is it because he has feelings towards her, or is it because he is jealous? or he is trying to get his revenge on her?

Maybe I need to read the play again to make me more clear about the story. Or maybe, I think it would be better to wait for Dr. Edwin to explain. Seriously saying, the play is very different from the other play that we have learnt. This is more applicable to our daily lives, compared to the other plays.

I think it is time for me to start thinking of the possible connection between the plays that we will be attempting for my final exam. A group discussion would be the best way. =P

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  1. I have the same thought with you, Hui Nee. I also have read the play. The play is quite interesting and for sure, the words used are easy to understand. To be honest, I only refer to the dictionary several times in order to find the meaning for the difficult words used in the play.
    Actually, I have read the play during our first year degree. I borrowed the book from our senior. She said that the play is really enjoyable for reading purposes, so I read it. I found that her statement was totally true, but somehow, I was a bit confused about the storyline. But, after I have read the synopsis from the net, I could understand the storyline better. Instead, for the second assignment, I have chosen this play in order to determine the theme presented. I could conclude that the theme is about ones illusion about something that he or she wanted it, but could not achieve it according to acceptable reasons.