Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will both be effective and be praised?

Do I enjoy micro-teaching? Seriously saying, I am not that kind of person who really enjoy micro-teaching. I do not dislike it. I just have some fear for it. Why?

1. Simply because I have stage fright.
2. I fear that I cannot well and make a fool of myself in front of the class.
3. I fear that my lesson plan is not good enough and odes not reach the tutor’s criteria.

My presented Induction (2nd prepared set induction)
Recently, I have just presented my set induction. I have chosen do the play ‘Selfish Mr. Pederson’ by Rheitta Desmond. I showed a short video entitled ‘Presto & The Bunny’. Then, I paused my video a few time during my process of teaching to ask the questions based on the video. Students have to predict what would happen next and what they could see from the characters in the video. My focus is on the word, ‘selfishness’. I wanted the students to identify the word so that they would have a rough idea that the lesson will be about the issue of selfishness.

(I have problem uploading the video so I will just omit it)
My Unpresented Set Induction (1st prepared set induction)

The video viewing set induction is actually my 2nd set of my prepared set induction. I actually planned to do a set induction based on a series of comic strips. I adapted the idea from Mr. Harold. The procedure will be almost the same as the video. I will let the students see the first part of the comic strips. Then, I will ask the students to predict what will happen next. The process will carry on and I will ask students more questions that will lead to the issue, ‘selfishness’.
What do you think the boy will do next?

What do you think will happen next?

What kind of characteristic does the boy portray?

What do you think the comic strip is trying to portray?

Why Did I Choose The 2nd Set Induction?

At first, I was confused which set induction to use. I had a lot of worries. Set induction 2 was an idea given by my coursemate, Jasmine. At the beginning, I was worried that the movie would be too time consuming. Thanks for Jasmine's power of persuasion, I finally made up my mind to use the 2nd prepared set indcution. I was expecting scolding because the video is of a little too long but, never did I predict that my tutor actually praised my set induction. I really have to give credits to my friend, Jasmine for her help and guidance. She is the source of my success in set induction presentation. This is my first time being praised for my micro-teaching. Thank you.

Sometimes, I do wonder what will happen if i have carried out my first prepared set induction instead of my 2nd prepared set induction. Will it bring the same effects?; 1) Attract the students' attention, 2) get praised, and 3) make the students enjoy the lesson.

What do you think my friends? ;)


  1. I love your set induction with the video! The cartoon was interesting indeed! It has successfully captured my attention and like what Mr Harold said, the way you paused the video clip at the right place is effective. It created suspense in students and you posted questions to let student think what will happen next. The actions was fast so students really have to focus when they watch. It was really something extraordinary and would definitely outshine the first set induction you have prepared.

    Keep it up, girl! =)

  2. haha...oh..that..i practised pausing the video many times the night before..hehehe..

    hahaha..set induction is always the most interesting stage, so i cannot expect my students to be attracted to my pre and while reading activities.. =P

    still thinking about how to make my pre and while raeding activities interesting..maybe i will adopt from my pn. ju's micro teaching lesson plan.. =P

  3. I heart your set induction especially the video that you used. I wa kind of wooried for you because most of our friends who used videos as well had received negative comments from Mr. Harold. I am happy that you have succefully utilised the video and received great positive comments from Mr. Harold. The great about thing aboutit was that you were able to create suspense in students and therefore, students got hooked to the video you were showing. It was amazing that you were able to pull it off despite all the fear you have for micro teaching. Nothing is impossible hon. Hard work does pay off. Just believe in yourself and everything is gonna be alright.