Monday, March 30, 2009

Meeting A Malaysian Writer

Today, I feel honoured that I am able to meet Kee Thuan Chye in person. great! It actually feels so great to actually meet a famous playwright actor. I learnt alot from the session with him.

His views about things is very different from any other Malaysians. It might be a little too sensitive to actually talk about it. But, the fact is that the things he said really make sense. He talked about issues of history, and issues of politics.

How far is our history true? How much truth are there in the history we have learnt? Who wrote them? Are they really reliable? Are they really believable? How much should we trust them? Should we actually listen and pass on the history we have learnt to our next generation without knowing its real values?

He actually told us about his backgroud; how he started writing, what at the few first writings he wrote, and so on. And then, he opened up my mind about the issue of politics. What do I know about politics? I am a person who do not care much about politics therefore, my schemata is equal to zero. He posted politics questions to us such as, Did Anwar Ibrahim really commited sodomy? Is there such things as sending you to ISA for your own protection? Did Answar Ibrahim commited the 2nd sodomy? His questions actually make me think. I mean, really think about politic. There are things and opinions that I wish to share, but not in this blog. It will be too risky and I might be send to ISA for my "own safety". Hahahahaha...

Meeting Kee Thuan Chye really change my view about things. I never really like history. I scored lousily for my sejarah in SPM so I don't expect myself to know much about history. But, I am so interested with his books and I actually bought all 4 that he sold. Amazing. The books are "1984, Here and Now", "March 8, The Day Malaysia Woke Up", "We Could **** Mr. Birth", and "The Big Purge".

I hope I will be able to enjoy his books. I will spend my coming holidays reading and analysing his books. =)

Thanks for the messages and signatures you wrote on my books, Sir. =)
And thank you Dr. Edwin, for taking up so much trouble to let us meet up with Mr. Kee. =)


  1. Hi Hui Nee! where do you get his picture? Is it the same shirt that he wore yesterday? I am quite shocked that you bought all his book (you have a lot money!). After spent 2 hours with him my perception towards our oun country have changed a lot just like what you have said. How far is our history is true? Are they reliable? we cannot answer it neither him too. One thing that we must do is be a good Malaysian. We should speak out what is right and what is wrong. Like what Edgar says in King Lear, speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.Hehe. I hope you enjoy reading all his book. See ya!

  2. I don’t want to comment on the gees of Hui Nee’s blog, I just want to express my disappointment for my inability to meet Kee Thuan Chye. The fact was, I really wanted to go and meet him but I really cannot. This incident had gave me a lesson that I will not forget. My health is the most valuable asset and without it, it will be difficult for me to perform my studies.