Friday, April 3, 2009

Too Fast Too Furious!!!

It was such a rush presenting our pre and while reading activities for our simulated teaching today. But, thankfully it is finally over. I actually thought that I would only be able to present my simulated teaching for pre and while reading activities next week, but it turned out that Mr. Harold wanted to rush everything through. I was lucky that I had prepared my worksheet and activities earlier. Therefore, I did not rush anything that night before my presentation.

But, it turned out to be an oxymoron. We had to actually rush my simulated teaching through. It was like "Whaow"...So rushing. I could still remember Yvonne's reaction when she was presenting her simulated teaching. Mr. Harold said, "Ok, conclude your lesson." Yvonne actually said, "Huh? So fast conclude?". She looked so blur and confused. I couldn't help but kept laughing, looking at her innocent face. Haha. Then, I told myself, "You are dead Hui Nee, you have group work and a lot of worksheet. How can you make your lesson short?". I was totally lost. And guess what, I really fast forwarded my activities because I could see my friends getting frustrated and busy with the evalution forms. I did not follow what was written in my teaching procedures, But I guess, it is alright because I managed to convey my message to the class and managed to inform the class about the main them in the plat, "Selfish Mr. Pederson". As long as the message is conveyed and the students understand what is being thought, everything will be just fine. Think positive!

To make things worse, we actually had to rush through filling peer evaluation forms. I felt like I was almost going mad; right hand aching, right wrist aching and neck aching terribly. Before I could even finished evaluate on one, another was up to present. I was like, "I am giving up!!!!". But did I? Of course not!! I couldn't because I would fail my friends if I do that. Evaluating peers' simulated teaching isn't and easy task. It requires full attention, observations, and PATIENCE!!!, which I do not really possess. ;P But, no matter what, I managed to finished up with the peer evaluation forms. It was actually kind of fun to see everyone acting crazily because of trying to finish up the peer evaluation forms for each other.

Carrying out Simulated teaching for pre and while reading are actually something fun and enjoyable. I enjoyed watching my friends carrying out their activities. And when I reflected back on my simulated teaching I could not help but laughing at myself. This is for the first time that I did not feel stressed or pressured for presenting lousily and rushing through the whole lesson. Maybe this is a good sign for me, because simulated teaching is meant to be a practice for becoming a more creative and more experience teacher, not a stressful teacher. Don't you agree?


  1. Did I look that confused? Haha! Yes, I was shocked because I have not completed my activities. =P

  2. i think you did see my rushing face right?