Friday, April 3, 2009

Ahem...Good Morning Class!

This semester is quite heavy for me because I had to actually carry out three micro-teaching/ simulated teaching. First, I presented a micro-teaching for EDU 3204 Teaching of Reading Skill. It was not a successful one and I realized much weaknesses and little strong points. Then, I presented for EDU 3208, Teaching of Literature in ESL, which I think was a quite successful presentation. The similarity about these two courses is that they both require us to write a lesson plan before we carry out our micro-teaching, which I think is dull and hard.

And then, it reached the time for me to carry out my simulated teaching for EDU 3217, Teaching The Language of Drama. This course did not require us to write a lesson plan so we can actually change our lesson easily without headaches. But, we were expected to fill in peer evaluation forms which everyone thought was a something not fun. It is not easy to evaluate on your friends, but the experience of evaluating is unspeakable. When you are evaluating on your friends, you are actually identifying their strong and weak points; and then from that, you can reflect it on yourself regardless whether you have presented or not. If you have not presented, you can make adjustment and changes to your simulated teaching to make it better. That was what I did!

Carrying out a simulated teaching is something that should be done often. I do not mean that it is something fun or something enjoyable, and I do not mean that it is something not fun and not enjoyable. Confusing? You should. Well, the real reason is that, simulated teaching provides us with the appropriate practice and experience so that when we finally go out to teach, we will be more prepared and more presentable. Am I right? I am sure I am right.

I really hope there will be more simulated teaching in the future although it requires hard work. What I see is that, practice makes perfect. I rather I suffer now, rather than have to suffer when going out for practical and posting. I cannot imagine myself losing sense of direction during practical. That is why I hope that there will be more simulated teaching or micro-teaching in the future before my practical actually started.

Simulated teaching really gives me a lot of experience and practice. I hope my stage fright and nervousness will slowly diminish through drillings and practices. I cannot wait till the day I am free from nervousness and stage fright during teaching. I am waiting for that day to come. =)


  1. first of all, i love your video for set induction. cute and effective. you deserve the positive remarks given bu Mr. Herold. Congrats!
    come to think of it, evaluating our peers does help us better ourselves, identifying their strength and weaknesses helps us better our simulated teaching although filling the evaluation forms over and over again is quite tiresome...hehe.
    i agree with you that many more simulated teaching should be conducted so that we have more practice before we actually teach in schools. this would help people like me to overcome my fears and practice communication skills.
    i believe that simulated teaching has been a pleasant experience to you (though not 100% pleasant); so it does for me too. i have learnt a lot and hopefully i'll make use of wehatever that i have experienced during simulated teaching to better myself in the future.hopefully it does for you too...

  2. Simulated teaching is definitely a good chance for us to practice our teaching skills for future.. =D

    I see all of us struggling doing so many simulated teaching in such short while, with so many types of requirements and expectations. But what I can see is everyone had improved in this experience of simulated teaching, our activities are much more interesting, our flow of lesson are more organized and everything really went on well..

    So I think this reflection of our teaching experience is very essential for us to look again at our own weaknesses and strengths, and also the problems that we faced during the process of preparing the lesson. In a way we had revised our own mistakes and do better on our strengths..

    Everyone WILL BE a good teacher in future.. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !!

    Jasmine Wong^_^