Friday, April 3, 2009

The PLG, Then The Madman's Diary

Watching a theater should be something interesting to try. When I started our lesson with Dr. Edwin for the course, EDU 3217: “Teaching the Language of Drama”, Dr. Edwin actually asked who have watched a theater before and guess what, less than 5 people actually raised up their hands. It had never crossed my mind to actually make an effort to go and watch a live theater. I did watch my seniors performing their theaters and Dr. Edwin actually commented that those were not considered as theaters at all. This had made me wanted to watch a real theater. Thanks to Ziham Fatimah that some of us managed to actually watch the theater, “Puteri Gunung Ledang” at Istana Budaya.

We managed to get cheap tickets, only for RM 24. I think the ticket was reasonable and worth it. Although it was a Malay language theater, I think that it actually brought the same effects. We were seated on the top floor where we could hardly see the stage at all. But, the theater was amazing! I love it. They spoke so well and sang so beautifully. Only then I realized what the meaning of being a professional is. But, it was a pity that just a few of us went, not the whole class. The experience and pleasure of being able to watch the theater, “Puteri Gunung Ledang” made me wanting to go for more theaters. Maybe at KL Pac. That would be nice.

Then, Dr. Edwin actually informed us that we were supposed to blog on our experience of watching a theater. But, we did not manage to watch a real English theater, because of my own mistakes and own faults. I did not put in efforts to go online and google information of interesting and possible English theater that we could watch. Maybe I should blame myself for my own laziness. Luckily, recently, my course mate, Samantha Yong found a theater entitled, “A madman’s Diary”, which will be on show from 6th April till 9th April 2009 at KL Pac for only RM15. We managed but to buy ticket for the whole class. Thanks to our group leader, Farah, that we were able to get to watch a theater as a class activity. Thank you, Farah!

Although it was a little too late to watch the theater as we have to hand in our blogs assignment before our final exam which is on the 6th of April, I am still looking forward to watching the theater. I hope we will be able to book UPM bus to KL Pac. I am already very eager to go and watch the theater. I cannot stop thinking about it. I wonder if my other classmates think the same too.

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  1. I thought Puteri Gunung Ledang will be call PGL? If it was PLG then you should call it Puteri Ledang Gunung?Hehehe. Just joking. Anyway I really felt that envious with those who went to watch "PLG". It must be a great experience for you people. I can't join you all because during that weekend I already plan something with my family. Such a waste but still family comes first. From what I heard PGL musical this time was really great in term of costume, acting and stage presentation. Even Taufik amused with the stage presentation and it really surprised me because you know it is hard to make Taufik feel satisfy with Malaysian product.Hahaha. Anyway I was really happy to know that PGL musical got a very positive feedback. That means people still appreciate art of theater. Good job people!