Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Swordfish, Then The Concubine

"Take out a piece of paper. Write down all the characters in the drama," Dr. Edwin said.

I was totally stunned. First, he asked us to write down the scenes and act including prologue. That was still considered as an easy task. But the listing of the characters was not as easy as if seemed to be. I remembered how well I re-write the list for 3 times, making me feeling frustrated and losing my patience. But, frankly speaking, this is something new and freash. I was thinking that maybe someday I can use this method in school if I ever to teach dramas or plays. Besides, this activity had actually given me an idea for my pre-reading activity for my micro-teaching. I was having a hard time thinking of what to be done for my pre-reading activities, but I guess this is a great idea. I will see and think through again before setting up my mind to using this idea.

The drama the Swordfish, Then The Concubine seems to be and easy drama, but it isn't so for me. Maybe it is because of the fact that I not good with politics and hot issues out there. I have never thought that Awang in the drama represents Mawi. The underlining meanings of the drama are not easily understood. For example, I couldn't figure out the significance of both the characters Ris Kaw and Logod. It was Farah and Bruno who explained to me about their opinions. I was totally....... slience....... "What are they talking about?"..... This is so embarrassing but it is the truth. They told me that Ris Kaw and Logod are people who travel from the 21st century to the 16th century, something like the movie, "Travel Back to The Future". Interesting huh?

Dr. Edwin finally explained. The puzzle in my head is solved. And Bruno and Farah were actually right. Brilliant!! Ris Kaw and Logod are; 1) time traveller, 2) They are people who seems not to be in the part of the play, 3) They seems to be telling us what to look for, and 4) Their job is to alert us, represents contemporary voices. Interesting, isn't? Kee Thuan Chye is indeed creative and also good at making me puzzled. Haha. ;)

All these actually make me to realise that I need to pay alot of attention to the significance and the underlying meaning of each of the speeches in the drama to get the underlying meanings. And most importantly, I must get rid of my ignorance towards the current issues in Malaysia. Maybe, the next time I read the drama "The Swordfish, The The Concubine", I will be able to see more from in between the lines.

Isn't it interesting?

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